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lee is working hard to make this city an even better place to start and grow a new business, and second, he's been a toothless support of electric vehicles to improve san francisco's environment and the global environment as a whole so please welcome mayor ed lee. >> michael, matt, congratulations to scoot, yes. scoot and san francisco, well, let me first of all put this in some little perspective that i know, i know that we just announced last week, eb week in san francisco to the delight of so many people who want to just have modes of transportation, multiple modes of transportation in a city that are also environmentally friendly and to contribute that reducing our fossil fuels, we are in san francisco world citizens after all and i know it's exciting for ed risken, our mta manager, he and i were excited to talk about different modes of transportation as we create all these exciting events to come to san francisco. i know it's exciting for board president david chiu, we tried to put pods for car sharing in neighborhoods on public streets and began in russian hill on his
for this weekend. but i want to not only congratulate unico for locating here in our very exciting part of our city, the international part where so many millions of visitors come every year. in fact, last year in 2011, over 16.3 million visitors came to san francisco and most of them found their way to unit square to the best shopping in the world. this is the center for arts and culture and of course it is our innovation capitol of the world and we are doing all of the right things to continue our success in the city. part of that success, is to work with great corporate citizens like unico and their efforts to make sure that they give their best effort to hire san franciscoans. today we celebrate not just a flag ship store but a store that has made corporate responsibility at the helm of their friend. there is over 500 people that they have already hired in this store. that is a fabulous contribution. they have worked that magic with our office of economic development, having spent weeks to train people who may not have gotten this opportunity. but for their out reach in this store, and then, th
keep a city or any government frasa:@r protectinge health of their people. we cannot regulate the health of our people because of a federal regulation. that's ridiculous. in fact, the federal regulation is much, much more narrow than that. the second thing is the at&t argument that the issue that they're worried about is tissue warming. it's a very typical thing in industry for the industry to throw out a kind of red herring that throws you off track. the one thing we know about microwaves from experience is it does not generally warm things. the effect on the body is much more precise than that. and it really is out of respect that this body did the right thing tonight that i'm bringing that to your attention tonight. >> president chiu: are there any other speakers? please step up. >> good evening, supervisors. what a night. i feel relieved but not in any way jubilant. i wanted to give you some comment about public comment. i've stood in these chambers a number of times and watched certain supervisors chastise members of the public for how they've given their public comment a
mean more people voting for city attorney and treasurer and if that's not democracy, i don't know what is. there's a reason why this is getting such broad support and i think it deserves the voters' support. >> thank you. and dr. faulkner, would you please summarize why you believe people should be voting against this measure? >> originally it was all odd year elections for city government. the main focus was to have a lot of elections spread out so people would pay attention. that was the idea of the 1932 charter. it is good in the sense given the history of san francisco and, frankly, a lot of governmental problems we had historically, getting people to pay attention to city government has been very important. we had 1901 to 1907 a group called roof ring, they described the 18 supervisors then on the board as, quote, so corrupt they would eat the paint off the walls. that's the reason why we want people to pay attention to their city government. frankly, new england city governments are the small ones and tall hall government is the best of all. we can't do that. but we
if it turns out the way that most elevated parks and cities around the world have turned out. so i just want to flag it as an area that i think will need continued focus from this group. >> thank you, director. that is always a good point to make. and i do want to mention and certainly bob can follow up on this. in addition to have a connection from the transit tower to the park and we are going to have a connection of other developments to the park. there will be direct connections from the towers and surrounding high-rises to the park. we are also working very closely with our team on putting out at some point soon, a concept of operations rfp that will be looking at both the facility, as well as the park level. and how to best operate it, and to secure it and insure that it is successful. we are looking at high line park here in new york as one of the models. that park has been successful and it does not have the level of taller connections that our park will have. and in addition to that, whereas you know we are going to be having a number of programming activities and an amp i theatre f
and sf gof tv, i'm here to discuss proposition e the city requires businesses it pay a flat 1.5 percent tax on payroll cost for work performed in the city. small businesses with less than 250,000 dollars in payroll costs are exempt from the tax. proposition e would create a new city business tax based on gross receipts rather than payroll costs. under the new system, the tax on payroll cost would be eliminated or reduced. businesses with gross receipts of less than 1 million dollars annually will be exempt from the gross receipts tax. the gross receipts tax rate would vary depending on the type of business and its annual gross receipts from its activity in the city. certain businesses that have their headquarters or administrative offices in san francisco that operate primarily in other locations would pay the gross receipts tax based on payroll costs. proposition e would require the city to phase in the gross receipts tax and phase out the tax on payroll costs over a 5 year period beginning in 2014. if the gross receipts tax revenue exceeds the revenue the city would have received
compliance is up. the violence is down. a variety of entertainment is what makes our city great. we will touch on the upcoming party legislation -- party bus legislation and a safe place for our youth to go. after our panel discussion will have some regard groups so we can share ideas and brainstorm. we have a very luminary panel here. right now, i would like to introduce our cheap -- chief of police. [applause] >> good afternoon. i also am not john newlin, and i have less hair than him. [laughter] is a pleasure to be here for the second year. there are fewer people here. that might be because it has been a good year. as audrey suggests i believe that is because of partnership is up. we want to be a police department that you are comfortable calling before anything happens with out fear of having us say, no, we are going to shut it down. we want to work with you to make it happen, but it means as safely as possible. certainly, alcohol always played a role as well as the age of the patrons, and on and on. again, please give us a chance to further develop the trust that we have been b
believe you go across the entire city above and beyond and you have done a lot of volunteering of your time. i'm sure you have done this a lot. i just want to say thank you for your service. it is really important. we rely a lot on you in the city. there should be more of you in terms of doing what you are doing so thank you. >> i think you are right. should be more of me but unfortunately there's only one of me and the entire san francisco say also can't find another one, even in sfpd or the d.a.'s office. >> can i just say that one thing that really angers me about these scams is many seniors are really isolated and don't have a younger person to talk with them about being careful, so they are so isolated that they don't talk to others. i'm hoping sf safe or the senior organizations and many community-based groups can do more to reduce that isolation for many older folks. but i think that is a broader issue than what law enforcement can deal with but i see that targeting vulnerable that are most isolated is what many criminals do. >> another thing is, a serious lack of knowledge in t
. we welcome the new archbishop to the city and county of san francisco. i believe that he officially takes office on thursday of this week. you know, san francisco has always been a very welcoming place and it is in that spirit that we extend an invitation to the archbishop to work with every member of the catholic community in the city and county of san francisco, including many of us who have been raised catholic and are practicing catholic, but who happen to be lgbt. it is my hope that as he takes over his very important position in the city and county of san francisco that he will be someone who will embrace the entirety of the catholic community, and that means many in the lgbt community. and i think that it's really about the emphasis and the hope is that we can focus on things where there is common ground. i appreciate and respect the work that he has done on behalf of the poor, on behalf of many immigrants including undocumented people. and it is my hope that in that same spirit that we can work on ways in which we can find some common ground instead of some of the divisive s
schools. also i'm working with the city attorney and the commission on the status to drop the new workplace domestic violence policy to help our city workers connect to better resources and the rest i'll submit. thank you. >> thank you, smart mar. president chiu. >> thank you. colleagues, i have a number of in memoriams today. first and foremost, i have a memoriam for [speaker not understood] who was a family man, came to san francisco from jordan and started a small corner store on polk street. he's someone that our neighborhood and our residents on polk street knew, had an enormous heart and great smile. ready to help those in need and someone who was very much a part of a wonderful and loving family and community. and all the best to his family. and i also have an in memoriam for bob [speaker not understood] who some of you may know, was a first generation san francisco an who married and raised four children here including community leader sam ladder. after graduating from u.c. berkeley and hastings law school, bob joined a family firm and became active in numerous civic organ
fair share of the cost that our city has to spend to deal with the 16 million tourists that come in every year. so that is another conversation that i think we need to have as well. as you can imagine, these are complicated issues, which is why it's taking me a little bit of time both to convene stakeholders and draft legislation, but i hope in the coming weeks and months that we'll have a proposal that we can all start talking about more publicly. >> thank you, president chiu. supervisor wiener? >> thank you. and i want to thank president chiu for his and his staff's hard work on this. i know there was a lot of dialogue and negotiation and i really appreciate that effort. i will be supporting the legislation today. i did initially have a concern with the original form of the legislation around the enforcement mechanisms and what that might end up looking like with our organizations that would immediately be able to run into court. and it just raised a red-flag for me, requiring administrative exhaustion so we can try to work things out within the city before allowing for a law
on what you do. it's contractuall critically imr city. thank you on behalf of the board of supervisors and everyone in san francisco. thank you for your hard work. >> thank you. >> chairman farrell, president chiu, my name is mort rafael, and i serve as the chair of the committee that actually did the leg work to bring together the information that we will present today. i must confess, however, that due to the reason that perhaps supervisor farrell was late, i too was watching the ballgame, and an awful lot of energy has been expended on certain plays that happened that were absolutely draining. so please forgive me if my brain does not function as clearly as it should. but i'll try to at least present some of the highlights of our report, that will provide you with at least our view of what's going on. and i was particularly struck with the comment that the representative of the mayor made that progress is indeed being made in the transformation of the civil -- san francisco arts commission. we too recognize that there has been changes but indeed we find those changes at the moment t
, think spent with you, and worked with you throughout the city, to do big projects, and make this city the great city, and think about all this time, and bring his family together, and give him his job back. thank you. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> hello. my name is alicia begines. i have three points to make and begin by first staying to the domestic violence community thank you for your advocacy, for your bravery, every single day, responding to people who need help and who want people. you do an incredible service and you've been doing an incredible service for years, and you are leaders in this community. and i absolutely want to give them the respect that they deserve. i would also like to say i support the reinstatement of ross mirkarimi. i think that many people in san francisco understand the differences that this matter brings. eliana lopez is not someone who wanted help, who needed help, who needed the intervention of police departments. she can stand up for herself, every day. and she has a supporting husband who cares for her. she does not need the interventio
of 77,000 of the city's interest in easement located at 14 07 0 1435 market street. >> colleagues, can we do this item same house, same call? this ordinance is finally passed. next item. >> item 9 is an ordinance amending the planning code adding a new section to increase the transit impact development fee rates, revise the exemptions and credits, and clarify the implementation and collection. >> supervisor wiener. >> i'd like to move to continue this two weeks to october 16th. >> supervisor wiener has made a motion to continue this item to the 16th of october. seconded by supervisor olague. colleagues, without objection, that shall be the case. item 10. >> item 10 is a resolution approving updated security provisions for the america's cup lease disposition agreement. >> colleagues, can we do this same house same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted. item 11. >> item 11 is a resolution approving a contract with new flyer america, inc., to purchase 45 low floor diesel hybrid buses in an amount not to exceed appro 36.9 million. ximately>> supervisor wiener. >> thank you, m
a city to be, thate÷$vñ is compassionate to be. i also want to make sure that weç@n9z are really cognizant of what we need to do to strengthen our efforts aroundv-qc domestic violence. we've only come so far over a number of years and there's much more tooi i worry that this case has actually set us back because of the tensions thatçs are around how we've responded, both from people who are supporting ross to stay in hisÕgy office, and from domestic violence community. i hope we can bridge thatnk÷tt and get back together to figure out how to move the city forward to be more.yr responsive to people who are facing domestic violence. i want to thank members ofc4>? the domestic violence community here,oqoñ people in the mierntd and recognize the great courage it's taken to come and give testimony tonight. my wife's bestb7+ig friend's mother is here with the dom efg violence community. i love her dearly and it'syy$81q)y difficult to be on the opposite side of issues but i think i?qÑ on the opposite side of issues on thisóÑ"çç
, the city and county does not know employees and employers using those, similarly there is no data between the differing reimbursement rates, the board of supervisors made amendments and believes they will help increase reimbursement rates and other reimbursement programs. finding number 10, partially disagree, the board of supervisors defers to olse's response, finding number 1 1, partially disagree, time limits are standardized. finding number 12, partially disagree, the board of supervisors refers to the response of the city attorney, the city attorney agrees that hra's may not be an allowable option o under the affordable care act, this question will be answered definitively by forthcoming regulations. finding number 13, disagree partially. under the previous law, this could be have been a case under the recent amendment ts, this issue was addressed in a var iet of ways including posting and quarterly notice requirements so employees are aware of their benefits and how to use them and by requiring all unused monies to remain with the employee for 24 months, the law now requires that an
or misdemeanors. and our?e;hç city, with our limd resources, when police can shoot unarmed young men andoy=5 walk y with few if any consequences, we can spend our resources in betterc2r2f ways. let's get the sheriff back on the job, and continue the good work,5< >> president chiu: thank you. if i could just remind folks who rule in the board chamber against applause and other support. so i'd ask you to respect that, particularly those of you who have been here in public comment often and know that. next speaker. >> good evening, supervisors. i say thank you to whoever really listen to us because i think all -- we need respect listen. because that's the reason we here. and hopefully this is for all ones who cares about this politics. and i'm here because i support ross mirkarimi, and i believe in politics. and if it you really believe in politics, you have to take care of this job tonight because we wasting so much time. it isfój a lot of work outside o do. and also i say for the la casa de las madres how much money you receive every month and if you really care about violence domestic and immigr
÷7 the children in our city, and what message your n to send them. the sheriff's main duty is to keep us safe. guilty of a charge of domesticm+3ep violence. the ethics commission was the fact-finding body here. they found many of thefd>/z charges here that i've heard over and over again, described not -- credible. and just because you say something over and over again does not i respectfully ask that you remove sheriff ross mirkarimi. thank5#%[ you. >> president chiu: thank you. next ;íòer. >> good evening. my name isqi>lv richard roarman, a 40 year resident of san francisco and a 20 year residen┌ of district 5. and the only thing i cannot sup02 mr. mirkarimi when he's been elected, and i voted for him, elected+j to uphold the office, and administer some law thatÑr÷ he's been presumed guilty of. and medicine elianaieou also, i want to say if you don't tell the postman that you're vacation to venezuela, the post office will not know to hold your mail. we did7dn+ this. had it not come to the me
-áuáq the people of this city, they're right here, they're right here. they've been here allmo-1 day. this is the base. this is the voters of the city. >> president chiu: next speakerh;#n . >> i'm ann garrison. i did a lotésúñ reporting about this. early on i spoke to jeff adachig about the way prosecution have changed during the years that he said that before 1996, the response to this, alÑd incident with no serious injury been pretrial diversion including counseling for both spouses if theyepeÑ both wanted. he sad said he thinkscggkÑ it'd the criminal justice system takes domestic violence more seriously than in the pastshidtt because there is no longer a pretrial diversion option in any helpful response for couples like rossu4t@c and eliana that t to stay together. the only positive social outcomes)gk that i can imaginea change in the law to make that the other positive outcome would be this board's decision to restore sheriff mirkarimitg' to office. all the people in this room, and many more, would feel empowered togáqtñ fight for their right to vote. ethics commission
there are other departments here, but i think everyone on the board, and i think in the city would agree our arts are an important part of our legacy and also what keeps our neighborhoods vibrant and a great place to be. thank you for being the watchdog. appreciate it. at this time would the mayor office talk already but do we want to go to the arts commission unless i can give the arts commission another opportunity if they want to have -- if they have any follow follow-up comments. >> thank you again. leo chee, budget director with the mayor's office. i want to reiterate my thanks to the civil grand jury for your work and your interest in improving our city and the arts commission. i did want to just summarize some of the thoughts in the mayor's office about the report and the recommendations. i think we all agree that there has been challenges in the past and i think we're all in agreement that we're excited for the new director to continue to make changes. i think in the mayor's office, we are confident that there is progress being made and that it will continue to be made. i know some of the
demonstrate your personaldggcx integrity, yr independence, not from whom you you owe here in the city, having taken the oath of office to represent allm÷ people fairly in this city. and the democratic processzp] of which their elections demonstrate. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. >> hi.'jmgy my name's larry edmunds. when i ran for mayor6 got eight votes. it was larryb"[ jerome edmunds. the president was here, the first family. forward, we really need to do -- i was sitting home,sr from 2:00 to 7:00 when you took the break. you all gave me a headache innkÑ the ambassador hotel. you don't know what abuse is. you areuj=f domestic abuse, spe abuse. i went to co-op yuntd?f1xm for violence meeting and they told me -- in the house, something is like the lady who told you about going on in san francisco. i live in the tenderloin. people in san frq%pw(r)y of bayview now. you trying to kill us in these sron t hotels. there's a lot of abuse. those women who want to work on abuse andec2Ñ have san francisco become a number one city once again this city is called the talekglsç of two cities
him become the sheriff that we need him to be for the city and county of san francisco. all of those who have done wrong, you know if you vote] fy against him, and not let him come into being the sheriff, and you know you've done wrong, no man or no woman has lived in this life and haven't done wrong. give this man his job back, you have taken too much from him already. him, they say two -- three out of twodx/ peos voted to remove him. who are the three because they didn't come and ask me/#u;ñ any. are you scared to come to hunter's point? speaker. >> hi. my name is -- i'm here to support ross and his family. two years ago, i met ross and and a neighbor, who every older personçfnfñ or young person in neighborhood, he's befriended everyone thatqawát come across. and he's a very nice man. and i come here personally to tell you that80j6 he's a great, and his family has suffered a so you know he has been with you, he has walked with you, hr been a great man as a supervisor, and he has/)-86 been elected to be a goodtdz sheriff. so tonight i come here -- i ask you to please-<.: rest
of our city art egg nos. i) çwi what he said was true about our current mayorae÷ sadly kind of overstepping his power. he overcharged ross to beginyiam with. you can see how many charges he threw at ross like anbvp amateur prosecutor, hoping one would stick.÷g4i"p% and yet all that he ended up being convicted of, or chose --igoÑ found guilty of is what he already pled guilty to. the fact is that there arekyÑ: powers behind the thrown. there's people like ron conway and real estate investsq2%$n investors who pull strings in this town and really who7ñn matter of evictions and manaa8q> hope you will do the right thing. i thank you for your time. good evening. >> president chiu: good[df)oÑ evening. next speaker. >> i'm rosayx= moss, resident of san francisco for many years. i've watchedr,7 the strange dem gory going on in the chronicle and the9q whipping up of the populati
programs and banners throughout the city, our communication staff not funded by the street artist fee supported that through broad marketing and got great props for the program. i think we're very open to partnering with the office of small business to improve the program and services we offer, in terms of supporting our artists as entrepreneurs. i like to think of the street artist program as precursor to the do it yourself movement and i think san francisco should be proud of our street artists that founded this program and i think the grand jury accurately points out there is not a united front, there are many diverse perspectives but it is important to note while there be have been 52 street artists referrals to the sunshine task force came from approximately five street artist. if you look at the total we serve that is less than 2% who have expressed dissatisfaction with the program. so i want to make sure we emphasize there are a lot of street artists happy with the services of the art commission that feel we have been responsive to their need. this isn't to say we can improve.
want toéqi say that we have an obligation i think, as a city, to makeyp this proceeding is over, that regardless of whatggfqg side of this issue we're on, that we rededicate ourselves to make y/ that we educate the public about this very important issue. i think weúi to make sure thatjp(pens. and so where does that leave us. let me say that i am thankful to the ethics commission for the -- all the wod÷op that has gone into this issue. but the reality is that the role of[kx this board of supervisors is limited. we do not decide thisgrm8w case based on what has been reported in the papers based onzo0eñ the innuendo and comments that have been made. we decide this casee24ne based on the law that governance official misconduct, including. the charter provisions that control it, and based on theam1sidence presented. and if you look at the facts and aç the law, it is clear that there are two possiblel+lcm interpretations of what official misconduct and while i understand and respect the position that has been articulatedí
legislation that i submitted last week that includes amends that our city attorney noted does not need to be adopted through separate legislation. the impetus of this came from a number of initial complaints that my office received over a year-ago. involving suggestions that there were corporations that were illegal leasing out spaces for the short-term use by individual as kin to the use of hotels by tourists. legislation that we have before us strengthens an existing law, to restrict this practice known as hotel evasion. in 1981 the passage of the apartment conversion ordinance, which is second, 41-a of the administrative code made it illegal for residential propertis with four or more units to be occupied pore for less than 30 days. unfortunate le what we have found in recent years there has been a problem that has persisted due to enforcement challenges and a loophole in the law. in recent years we have seen many corporations sidestep this law by signing long-term loiss with property owner ises that their non-san franciscan employees can use the apartment as short-term corporate ho
're actually in office. >> supervisor campos: and if i could also talk -- madam city attorney, you offer a different opinion that it attaches basically on election day. is that correct? >> yes, that's!cbgc correct. >> supervisor campos: but no and therefore it's -- that's-iuñ whatever, november, whatever it was, is when it attached, with yourl5twe understanding. >> i don't want to speak for all cases. there are cases-at where a -- te are cases where a public officialjl8wñ is reelected to te same office and there are jurisdictions that cut off there are cases where private individuals coming into office. i mean there8bát many factual scenarios. in this particular case, i certainly think that1é2@ the du- that the duty attach no later most reasonable interpretation is that it attached on election >> supervisor campos: all right. >> president chiu: thank you. colleagues, any other questions okay. at this time, why don't we hear rebuttal from mayor's counsel. there are so many things that i v basicÜ core issue that's before you. and the issue that the sheriff raises againoznmez again, a
ensure actions taken by the board in no way infringe by the responsibilities of this chart and city and county. there must be a standard by which a mayor is required to initiate official misconduct charges, a standard that applies to all officials equally. by increasing this specificity with which this statute is applied, the board ensures that fairness outweighs politics. we must apply this section with pinpointed accuracy so as to preserve integrity with which it was adopted. restorative justice contrary to comments made by -- in the hearing i believe even an elected position such as sheriff the conflict of restorative justice does apply. where we have learned from this experience is that in san francisco, neither the sheriff, supervisor, or any elected official is above the the law. however, what we also have the opportunity to demonstrate is that serving in one of these positions does not deem a person unworthy of redemption. to declare public officials don't deserve second chances goes against we are as a city. per
is to uphold& process, public faith in city government and safeguard06jo the integrity of democratic processes and not/cbuu)áu or contort the law that we think best serveswj!or everyone. i will not be voting today to sustain the/ >> president chiu: supervisor:k wiener. >> supervisor wiener: thank you, ú?7t% %9q. >> president chiu: order please. : supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: thank you. this whole process i know has been incredibly%0b= hard for other than --c4í,÷ everyone involved especially being asked to judge a former colleague.4 and i am going to speculate that i don't think any of the 11 of us are goingwxas' to walk out of this room tonight feeling great, no matter what happens, no matter how weóçuon vote. this case has been incredibly messy on many, many levels. andp6f-7ñ will say that you know, in the community, thereÁare people whom i know, and who i respect, who feel very, very strongl$)i on both sides of this issue. and i think that reflects how difficulty this is. tonight, i will be voti
other commission is a mayor's commission. and i'm really afraid also that this city hall is not going to so please reinstate ross mirkarimi,Ñér reinstate the dignity of the woman, reinstate the justice in san francisco. thank >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker#mj;c. >> hi. my name is jim and let me5zoñ bn by saying ross and elanea are we came to know ross as our supervisor and understood his intelligence, passion, and capacity to accomplish great things. all of us, human, and therefore noted p perfect. that brings us to the restorativei's justice issue tht ross supports, our da supports, supposedly everybody supports, theodoaç idea is that you're sud to acknowledge wrong-doing, you're supposed toúhlz apologiz, you're supposed to make amends to the injured party that are the goal is to return to societ and be fruitful and productive, and go forward. that's what we're asking5s)÷ yoo do for ross. we need him as our sheriff. obviously, from the comments eliana is very satisfied that he has made amends, and she has made it very clear how she wants this to go forward. so sin
proponent of== this city and working women in this city. what we're seeing in that is being carried r this town who would like to push back all the gains thatóót working people have made in this city. that's really what is on the agenda here tonight. this is a -- 7 you vote for the reinstatement of ross you're talking about defending the working people ofa&Ñ city. if you vote to uphold the commission'sñ@hú÷ report, you're really siding with the 1% to take out a leading spokesman for the progressive1s community in this town. that's what's on the agenda. that's called political violence. the 1% has nothing good in mind for women in this town. their agenda is to cut everybody's wages and the women's wages always get cut first. -so please reinstate ross. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> board of supervisors and everyone, my name is emmett powell. i've had a business in san francisco since 1972, right up the street on hayes and octavia. i've had the privilege of having great dignitaries
is frightening precedent. city attorney called the charternoá0Ñ provision nimble. well a nimble mechanism for removing a elected official is something we should you cannot adopt a broad definition of this charter provisionácÃwithout undermining democracy itself. public resources have been squandered and abused in[hÑç a undisguised attempt to demo.yy demonize sheriff mirkarimi of being a batterer to make himhÑkx into a par ryeia somehow ineligible for redemption. it is clearo0dz from reams of evidence that the december 31 incident between mirkarimi:ó lopez has been blown out of proportion. while the sheriff crossed the line he immediately're stopped when called on it by lopez. lopez must be believed and respected in thisdi+! matter that she has never felt threatened by her husband. themubty domestic violence community who perform an essential service have child for domestic violence and havewsu6y discounted andl[$:÷ marginalized eliana. the sheriff is being held accountable. this entire experienceo
that. and he did a lot for this city and that's why people elected him as the sheriff. and people elected him, not any other thing. and this is democracy. i love this city because in here, people don't look at each other with prejudice. and they don't label each other. they don't play political games. they don't look at each other with that. so show us that you are the true representative of these people san franciscans and reinstate ross. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> president chiu, and supervisors. i'd like that wave. that was very, very original. i'm terry anders of anders and anders foundation. and i'm here speaking in support of ross. i was sitting around these tables when ross created the reentry council. i was sitting around these tables when ross spoke up for labor. i was sitting around these tables when ross spoke up for the individuals in these marginalized neighborhoods. i'm part ofvmm;Ñ bayview, i'm pf the fillmore because these are people that i work with, the ones in and out of prison, the ones in and out of the rehabs, the ones trying to get into these union
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